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Justifying Adding Customer Review to the Client (link)

Reasons for justification next time you want to propose adding customer review to your client’s website:
Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of Customer Reviews

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I thought Google doesn’t advertise?

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Listing Sold –

I refer to every time I see an apartment listing with potential. It is simply the best place to find background information on the listing and the building. I just noticed the site actually tells me that an apartment is Sold and not simply Unavailable or In Contract:

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The attentive retail experience I never had

I love shopping online. Not only because I love to shop, but shopping online is becoming a much more pleasant experience than shopping in-store. According to Forrester, US online retail reached $175 billion in 2007 and is projected to grow to $335 billion by 2012. I contributed greatly to this growth. In the past 6 months, the majority of my shopping activity happened online. Cat litter and books from Amazon, camera from and shoes from So, what’s so great about shopping online?
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Say Hi to My New Pets



mini pigs

I had been hanging out a lot on lately. In addition to the numerous cool ID gems that site offers, it really is becoming very useful for me.

The site lets users submit a problem, idea or discussion around just any company.

Get Satisfaction

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Adaptive vs. Innovative

Very interesting thread going on in the comment area of “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” over at Business Week. It originates from a reader, Andre, who argues that Apple does not innovate but adapts to whatever is out there. The discussion evolves into an interesting debate of innovation vs. adaptation. The underlying question is – does a company need to invent to be considered innovative?

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Thoughts on Inspiration from the Edge Interfaces

Below is a presentation by Stephen Anderson at the IA Summit 2008:

The presentation really hit home for me and coincidently, a lot of what he said has been on my mind for a while. Although I wasn’t at the presentation, I got a good sense of where he’s trying to get at. I herein wants to emphasize two points in his presentation.

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Don’t let your guard down, scams are still everywhere.

I recently posted my Sony DSC-T7 for sale on Amazon, hoping it will not be a scammers territory. Unfortunately I almost got scammed again, and they are much more sophisticated this time.

They first contacted me through Amazon. I have to admit my guard was down since the email address was clearly from Below is the email:

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